New Member Looking for Rigid Heddle Loom to Borrow or Rent (and lost book)

This forwarded from Shannon Stevens, a soon-to-be new member:

I’m a new weaver who came to your meeting last month as a guest of Judy Parkins; we sat at right front table — enjoyed the “show-and-tell” and basket weaving presentation enormously!  Thanks for the fabulous day.
Unfortunately, I left my weaving book (older paperback with no color photos and with a taped rip to back cover) on our table (didn’t have my name in it).  Wonder if someone may have put it in the library?
Also, want to join the guild before the next meeting.  Would you please mail me the form? (None were available at the meeting last month.)

Editors note:  Forms for joining and renewal can be found here:

Lastly, I’m very interested in renting a 24″ rigid heddle loom with stand for about two months, while I learn a bit more.  Is there a way to pass on my request to the general membership?  A newsletter?  The blog?
Thanks again,
Shannon Stevens
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New weaver and amateur loom mechanic. 50-year career in information technology, now self-employed and semi-retired: specialize in Unix systems administration, web site development, and bioinformatics applications programming. Other interests include bicycle touring, aircraft construction, and quilting. Married to weaver/spinner/quilter/cyclist Judy.

1 thought on “New Member Looking for Rigid Heddle Loom to Borrow or Rent (and lost book)

  1. Shannon, I closed the room last month and know nothing was left out. I do not remember your book specifically, but I put something in the library, so do check there! Again a THANK YOU to Larye for continuing to direct us to the information on the website. And I anticipate that our membership chairman will have her supplies with her as I did not get them there last month. One way or the other, I will be working toward that end.

    Welcome to the group. We look forward to the growth of your adventures.
    Lana Schneider

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