Openings Available for Nancy Hoskins Beyond Boundweave Class (Seattle Weavers Guild)

A note from Mora E.L. Jackson, Seattle Weavers Guild:

“I am the educational chair (workshops) at the Seattle Weavers Guild and would like to let you know that a few more slots are open for the upcoming Nancy Hoskins workshop scheduled March 2 + 3 in Seattle. If anybody is interested in the workshop, please contact me ( or call 253-217-829 between 9 am and 9 pm).

Thank you,
Mora E.L. Jackson”

SWG Workshop Sign-Up
Workshop: Beyond Boundweave
Instructor: Nancy Hoskins
Workshop Dates: Sat March 2 – Sun March 3 (2 days)
Loom requirement: 4-8 shaft, 10 (preferred) or 12 dent reed, 2-4 small shuttles (you can substitute butterflies)
Skill level: Intermediate (know how to dress loom, if using a floor loom know how to change the tie-up, weave with multiple shuttles)
Beautiful boundweave structures– from the simple to the complex — will be our inspiration as we cover theory, technique, and the basics of weaving weft-faced patterns. We’ll explore the functional and decorative possibilities of boundwoven cloth for clothing, rugs, and art fabrics by weaving a set of samples on 4 or 8-shaft looms. In a content-filled and
friendly workshop you will discover how to draft, design, and weave weft-faced textiles that are both decorative and durable by weaving a set of examples with patterns — geometric, floral, flamepoint, or figurative — on a variety of threadings and shafts. Table or floor looms with 4 or 8 shafts will be dressed with plain weave, twills, point twills, krokbragd, rosepath, and other threadings to create colorful boundwoven cloth.



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