Seattle Weavers Workshop: Soumack: Something Old – Something New

[forwarded from Seattle Weavers Guild:  openings for workshop]
Kathe Todd-Hooker recent work

Kathe Todd-Hooker recent work

Our upcoming Kathe Todd-Hooker Soumack workshop has four more open slots. Please inform your members of it. I’ve attached a picture of a recent work of Kathe’s to give people an idea about her skills.
Workshop: Soumack: Something Old – Something New
InstructorKathe Todd-Hooker
Website: kathetoddhookerhome.html or
Workshop Dates: Saturday April 27 – Sunday April 28 (2 days)
Loom requirementWarped tapestry or frame loom (Directions for making a pipe loom that is easy to transport will be supplied to the student prior to the class. The instructor will also have looms available for use in class by students).
Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
 Soumack-no matter how you spell it is a technique that can be used to create whole cloth or be mixed with tapestry to create lines that travel in any direction and any angle. Soumack can be used to outline, lock shapes into place, smooth edges or produce a unique surface. Traditionally, it was used throughout the Middle East to produce containers and household items. Mixed with tapestry it becomes an all purpose technique for creating lines, texture and problem solving.
If somebody is interested, please contact me (preferrably by e-mail) at or call 253-217-8529 (between 9 am and 9 pm).
Thank you for your assistance,
Mora E.L. Jackson
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