Great Art Events in our Local Area

We are fortunate to have several reasons to visit Tacoma soon. Not only can you see the eclectic, diverse works of ATA (AmericanTapestryAlliance) galleried at the Tacoma Library but it runs in conjunction with TAPS (Tapestry Artists of the Puget Sound) exhibiting at the Brick House Gallery, just a block away. You will have so much art to appreciate so close together. The shows offer such a contrast of size, design, techniques – it really is great to see it all. Two warnings: The Brick House has limited hours so please check to see if you can coordinate the visits. Count on seeing them before they close August 3rd.

AND if you want to extend your enrichment experience in another direction, go from one Library to another. UPS Library is hosting the 3rd exhibit of Art Books. The work of 30 book artists is on display through July 31st. Wonderful gems and remarkable visions made substantial await you. UPS is right off Union Street, which is not hard to get to from Tacoma Ave, where the Tacoma Library is located.

Book Chair (1)

Book Chair (1)

Enjoy a time of local art hopping….by the end of July, to do it all!

Book Chair 2 - a different perspective

Book Chair 2 – a different perspective

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