Olympia Weavers Guild Commissions and Lessons

OWG Members Who Accept Commissions

OWG Members Who Give Lessons

This list is offered as a courtesy by the Olympia Weavers Guild. All interested parties are responsible for their own contract and agreements.

Name Phone # E-mail Area of Expertise
Fresh Off the Loom Handwovens
Marjorie Erickson
360-236-7909 ericksonmarjorie@gmail.com Articles for interiors: Ornaments,linens, pillows,
curtains, throws, upholstery, rugs.
And articles for bodies:
Garments, shawls,scarves, baby blankets, bags, pins.
Eld Inlet Elves
Joyce Lloyd
360-866-9622 rlloyd9717@comcast.net Handspun yarn of wool, alpaca, blends; hand knit items, handspun scarves, laprobes and other small items.
Erica Plotkin 360-357-4090 yeyeweaves@gmail.com Garments, throws, baby blankets, shawls & scarves, silk painted scarves and cards.
Lana Scheider 360-923-2505 lanaden@comcast.net Home accessories: rugs, placemats, tablecloths, wall art, blankets. Wearables: scarves, hats, simple garments, bands.
Tricia Shaw 360-236-7909 patrishaw@msn.com Knit scarves
Weaving and Spinning Lessons
Marjorie Erickson 360-236-7909 ericksonmarjorie@gmail.com Lessons by Appointment
Erica Plotkin 360-357-4090 yeyeyweaves@gmail.com Silk Painting
Lana Scheider 360-923-2505 lanaden@comcast.net Spinning and Weaving Lessons from beginning to specialty

2 thoughts on “Olympia Weavers Guild Commissions and Lessons

  1. I am interested in joining the guild and would like to come to a meeting. I would like to know if there are any meetings during the summer months or do I need to wait until Septemeber to attend a meeting. Thank you


    • Thanks for your interest: The next regular meeting will be September 21, 2012. The 2012-2013 program schedule should be up on the web by mid-summer at the latest. Of course, members will show work accomplished over the summer during the Showcase part of the meeting.

      We will have a booth at the Thurston County Fair, August 1 through August 5, in the home arts building (log building near the main gate) with demonstrations, and participate in the Sheep to Shawl event at the Washington State Fair in Puyallup (September 7-23)

      We have classes for beginning weavers, generally in the spring, and study groups in basketry and spinning that meet during the year. There is also a Saturday group for folks who can’t come to a daytime meeting during the week: this group meets on the second Saturday of the month, at varying places.

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