Current Board Members and Officers

Officers and Committee Chairs for 2019-2020 Guild Year

Past President: Tricia Shaw
President: Pam Odam
1st Vice President/Nomination Chair: Jennifer Lee
2nd Vice President, Program Chair: America Smith
Carol Meraji
Treasurer: Nancy Berger
ANWG Rep: Tamie Herridge
Digital Samples Group: Larye Parkins
Education Outreach: Regine Carey
Erica Plotkin
Finance: Officers and Past President
Grants: Joan Hoffmeyer
HGA Liaison: Tamie Herridge
Historian: Marianne Hoepli
Holiday Party:
Library: Sarah Nopp
Bill Green
Cara Leslie
Membership: Sherri Hruby
Newsletter: Jean Van Effen
Picnic: Marise Person
Policy and Rules Shannon Stevens
Karen Verrill (consulting)
Properties and Rentals: Lulie Herigstad
Publicity: Lynn Hicks
Sheep to Shawl: Tamie Herridge
Marjorie Erickson
Show and Sale: Carrie Seacord
Showcase: Jimmie Sue Coombs
Sunshine: Edith Garling
Eleanor Hintz
Refreshments: Regine Carey
Deb Naslund
CAMEL: Cara Leslie
Website: Larye Parkins
Workshops: Judy Parkins
Yearbook/Resource Book: Rosanne Horovitz