Guild Awards

The Terri Standley Inspirational Member Award.

This award will be given to a member who has been an inspiration to the Guild members. Inspiration may be broadly defined and may include terms such as thoughtfulness, kindhearted, a mentor, generous with her/his expertise and or time, a friend to the Guild.

The Marjorie Erickson Memorial Award.

This award has been instituted to honor the memory of Marjorie and her lifelong commitment and generosity to the Guild as well as teaching weaving. Qualifying nominees will have completed the Beginning Weavers Class at least one year prior to the nomination and up to four years in the past. They will be current members of the Guild in good standing, active in the Guild and have continued their pursuit of weaving. The President will check with the Education Outreach Chair to ensure that the nominations qualify. The Educational Outreach Chair will keep a list of participants in the Beginning Weavers Class so that it is easy to check on eligibility. The current instructors of the Beginning Weavers Class will write an article about the recipient for the newsletter after the award is presented.

Guild Awards Recipients- Updated 5/01/2024

This is an on going list of the recipients of our two Guild Awards, the Terry Standley and the Marjorie Erickson Award.

The Terry Standley Award
Award amount after 2020 is $100.00

2019……………….. Erica Plotkin
2022, January…… Nancy Sedlacek
2023, June………. Ardith Hamilton and Diane Weeden

The Marjorie Erickson Award
Award amount is 250.00

2023……………….. Joan Hoffmeyer

Written recommendations for either award may be submitted to the President by members in good standing. The deadline for accepting nominations is the March Guild meeting of each year. The President and the Board will have discretion deciding on nominations submitted and will respond to those who made the nomination before the May meeting. Awards (if any) will be presented at the June picnic. An article will appear in the newsletter after each presentation. The awards will be a gift certificate from one of the major advertisers in our yearbook. (A company that sells yarn, supplies, equipment and books to give a choice to the awardee.) The Terri Standley Inspirational Member Award will be $100.00. The Marjorie Erickson Memorial Award will be $250.00. It should be noted that Awards are not Grants and there is no obligation on the part of the awardee to give a program