Enrichment Grant

$500 to $1000


The purpose of this grant program is to provide an opportunity for professional direction/feedback and a $500-$1000 scholarship to an individual or group to pursue an intensive study, of up to one year in duration, in weaving, spinning or related fiber-art. Goals include:

  • Furthering the enrichment of OWG members and the community in weaving and other fiber-related fields.
  • Encouraging members to undertake new, in-depth learning that will promote their technical and aesthetic development.
  • Encouraging and inspiring members to make a commitment to themselves and to the guild.
  • Providing financial support.
  • Offering a forum for sharing the results of the study.

How does it work?

  • Grant applications are made available at guild meetings.
  • All who have been members for at least one year and are in good standing may apply.
  • Applications are submitted to the Grant Chair and sent to a professional fiber-arts judge to be judged.
  • The judge is selected by the Grants Chair in consultation with the guild president and is paid $100. Judges may not be members of our guild and will not see applicant names.
  • Applications are due April 1st and the award will be announced at the June guild meeting.
  • All proposals are kept confidential. (Only the Grants Chair knows the names of applicants.)
  • Financial needs of the applicant are not a consideration.
  • All proposals and applications will be returned accompanied by a letter from the judge.
  • Recipients of the grant will be responsible for presenting a program or show to the guild within the calendar year of completing their project and including planning with the Program Chair.
  • A notebook about the project will be prepared to keep in the library.
  • There is an expectation that the money will be returned to the Guild if the recipient does not finish the project or present a program as defined in the contract.

Application forms may be downloaded here:

Enrichment Grant Application  [Microsoft .doc format] [PDF format, for printing]