ANWG Conference Instructors!

The list of the Instructors for the 2013 ANWG Conference is out and it is a great line up!

Here is the list directly from the website.

The following instructors will teach seminars and workshops at our 2013 conference. Click on the instructor’s name to jump to that instructor’s bio.


John Beard
Kay Faulkner
Laura Fry
Bonnie Inouye
Bobbie Irwin
Daryl Lancaster
John Marshall
Anita Luvera Mayer
Marilyn Moore
Rosalie Neilson
Terry Olson
Seiko A. Purdue
Marilyn Romatka
Pat Spark
Makiko Tada
Jannie Taylor
Madelyn van der Hoogt
Diane W. Villano
Laverne Waddington
Liz Walker
Heather Winslow
Rebecca Winter
Michele Wipplinger
Bhakti Ziek