Printable Forms Available

As discussed at the September Guild Meeting, Payment Request forms and Cash Receipt Envelopes are now available for downloading and printing from the Guild Info page (scroll to bottom of page)

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2 thoughts on “Printable Forms Available

  1. Thanks, Larry. This is swift response. I am going to assume I do not need to save these forms anywhere else, as they will always be on this Guild Info site for the use of them, right?
    It is also timely that we scrolled down past the Show and Sale forms, also ready for printing for use. Pretty cool, to have them available as needed as well, instead of having hundreds of sheets printed and cut….
    Hey, we are becoming computer enriched! Lana

    • Yes, the forms are “permanently” on-line, so we can always find them. Some forms may be in multiple formats, so they can be downloaded and modified, i.e., “fill in the blanks” before printing. These will be marked on the links as [PDF] (static, printable), [DOC] (downloadable copies modifiable with Microsoft Office, Open Office, or Libre Office) or [HTML] (for documents that you may want to just read online but not print).

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