Program Planning Survey for 2013-2014

The newly-augmented program committee is seeking input from members on what programs you would like to see in the coming years.  Please download one of the forms below, fill it in, and bring it to the meeting on Friday, March 15, 2013, email electronic versions to, or comment to this post (the survey content is below the download section).

PDF:  owg_program_topics_survey (to be filled in by hand)

Word: owg_program_topics_survey (.DOC format, to edit and email; please do NOT save as DOCX format)

Open Document Format: owg_program_topics_survey (for use with OpenOffice or LibreOffice [preferred])

Content: (address comments to these items)

Please indicate your interest in program topics, preferences for artists and subjects, or write in your own. Be as specific as needed, e.g., “Compare weaving software; training on specific software; Weaving with… (silk, linen, wool, synthetics, sock yarn, etc)”


  • Guild Members
  • Local Artists
  • Regional Artists
  • National Artists
  • Favorites:



  • Design Software:
  • Weave structures:
  • Braids and Bands:
  • Ergonomics:
  • Loom type comparison:
  • Off-loom techniques:
  • Tapestry:
  • Finishing Techniques:
  • (write-in):

Garment construction:


  • Weaving with specialty fibers:





Favorite Topics:



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