Fiber Stash — Everything Must Go

Recently, the Tacoma Weavers Guild (TWG) was contacted by St. Leo’s Catholic Church in Tacoma: they had acquired the yarn stash of a deceased parishioner and needed help disposing of it.

TWG members carted way seven large cartons of yarn cones, which are now in Betty Bell’s garage in Milton.  Please help TWG (and Betty) distribute this treasure trove:  the yarn is available for a donation of $1 per cone (any size: cones range from nearly full 8-oz cones up to 5-lb cones), proceeds to go to St. Leo’s.  Fibers range from wool to acrylic, with some cotton, in a variety of colors, sizes, and textures.

Please call Betty at 253 926 1136 to arrange a time to look at the yarn and get directions.

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