Here are your favorite tips from October –

  • Check out selvage techniques Handwoven November/December on page 22 by Tom Knisley.
  • Regine Carey did the rainbow discharge dye on Kathy Forsythe’s 8/2 tencel fibers for her Kumihimo project using the directions that came with the Procion MX Dye chemicals from PRO Chemical and Dye Somerset, MA. For technical support call 508-676-3838. Check with Regine for more about the process she used.
  • Terri Standley’s fabric was inspired from the article in Handwoven March/April 2000. The name of the article is “Good Enough to Eat; color blending with Huck Lace.” She used draft # 5 on page 49. It is for the red and coral scarf. Happy weaving!
  • To check contrast between items take a picture of them, then change image to black and white, gray scale, to determine contrast. For more on value contrast see
  • Weft floats can make weaving curl. For more see
  • Count your heddles before warping your loom to make sure you have enough heddles on your loom for the project you have planned
  • To get more weaving length from your warp take the reed out of its beater leaving the reed suspended on the warp and continue to weave