Okanogan Valley Fiber Festival — Call for Volunteers

(Forwarded by Tamie)
The Okanogan Valley Fiber Festival planning committee is busy getting ready for the 2016 event, which will take place on May 7th, in the Agriplex building at the Okanogan County Fairgrounds in Okanogan.  We are excited to get this event underway, as we have lots of great ideas and have secured some funding to help with promotion and marketing.  We are looking for volunteers to help plan the festival, and will need folks to help out on the day of the event as well.  Most all of the planning takes place via teleconference calls or skype, so there is no travel required.  We need people to step up and help in the following areas:
Signage and Brochures
Printed Materials
Workshops and Demos
Vendor Coordinator
Raffle Tickets
Kids Activities (4H)
Information Desk
If you would be willing to take charge of any of the above tasks, we would be most appreciative for the help.  Please reply to this e-mail address if available.
We wish you all a warm and happy holiday season, and hope to see you all in the coming year.
The NAWC Fiber Festival planning team


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