“The purpose of the Olympia Weavers’ Guild shall be to provide a forum where active weavers may share information, knowledge and techniques, and provide each other with guidance, encouragement, and inspiration.“ This statement from the By-Laws of the guild and seeing the idea in one of the magazines we receive in the library launched the idea of the Tip Jar.

Thanks for sharing your favorite tips you learned this year during Showcase, the programs, study groups and breaks. In addition there were many ideas that came in to improve the guild during the business meeting which, this summer, will be captured and organized with the rest of the ideas to improve the guild that came the past two months.

The blog Joy of Weaving has “The Best Tension Device”, to provide extra tension for a plain beam using 1” dowels and some hair ties.
For how to use it see:

Harrisville version: They describe it as especially good for those who warp alone.

There was a question on Boundweave which is way above my understanding especially when there were tips to maintain sanity but here are some of the basics I found in “The Weaving Book – Patterns and Ideas” by Helene Bress

Enjoy the summer and take advantage of opportunities to fulfill the 2nd purpose of the Guild:

“Guild members will be encouraged to share their interests in weaving with members of the community by promoting community education and participating in special events and services.”

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  1. Thanks for taking this on, Gail. I’ve really enjoyed reading the various “tips” that have been posted as a result of your initiative.

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