Tip Jar

This month’s tips are from the guilds study groups. Enjoy their sharing.

**To make a wool felt ball to use in your dryer to soften clothes roll up a double fist full of clean wool fleece/batting/roving. Put the ball in a nylon stocking and tie a loose knot. You can put several balls in one stocking. Throw then in the washer with your load of towels to be washed in hot water. Then put them in the dryer. Until the knots and you have your wool balls that will now be fist size and you can use when you dry cloths. I saw them 3 for $17 on-line. If you have wool yarn see: http://www.diynatural.com/how-to-make-wool-dryer-balls/

**Don’t struggle along, ask someone for help!

**When peeling boiled eggs. Put the boiled eggs in a glass jar and shake. Take eggs and and peeling is easy. http://athriftymom.com/how-to-peel-an-egg-in-less-than-5-seconds-with-a-glass-jar-kitchenhacks/

**Keep clear notes and if possible take pictures of your projects in various stages from warping to finishing. When weaving a new pattern or using a new yarn, my notes have been quite helpful (especially when I can locate them).

**When working out a new idea make a small sample. But for the tip below you will want the whole batch.

Vicki’s Lemon Drops
1 box lemon cake mix( I use lemon supreme)
1 box instant vanilla pudding
4 lg eggs
11/4 cups sour cream
1/2 cup milk
Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Coat mini muffin tin with cooking oil.
Beat the ingredients in a bowl with electric mixer until smooth.
Fill each tin 1/2 full ( I used a cookie scope)
Bake 12 minutes or until a toothpick inserted comes out clean.
Cool tray on wire rack 2 minutes and turn the muffin pan over onto the rack.
Wash your muffin tin and respray with cooking spray, cooking next batch. I usually get three trays of muffins
When muffins are cooled completely make glaze.
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
2 tsp grated lemon peel( 1 whole lemon)
2T melted butter
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice(1large lemon)

Place wire rack over waxed paper. Beat the glaze ingredients until smooth.
Dip each muffin in the glaze. Place lemon drops back on wire rack to set.
Make sure you try to eat some be for serving or you may not get to try one.

Study groups are great place to learn and share and we give big thanks to those who host.
If you want more information on these tips who shared them let Gail Trotter know. getrotter@comcast.net