National Days is the Picnic Theme

Planning ahead for June – This year’s picnic theme is National Days where we invite you to share a project you completed or wear a great costume inspired by a National Day topic/cause and tell why that National Day topic inspired you. Maybe it was a topic on your birthday, or a cause it is meaningful to you or it just tickles your funny bone. To see a full calendar of National Days to choose from go to and look at what is in each month till you find the one for you.

This past July, August and now September has a wide array of topics. Here is a sample: Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day, World UFO Day, Left Handers Day, Chocolate Day, Cow Appreciation Day, Fight Day, Middle Child Day, National Dog Day, Book Lovers Day, National Thrift Shop Day, Collect Rocks Day, Johnny Appleseed Day, Checkers Day. Each month we will bring more topics to creatively inspired you.