ANWG Northwest Weavers Conference

Treadle Lightly all over the campus of the University of Victoria I did on my first NW Weavers Conference.  (see their blog for pictures)
I was so impressed with all the volunteer work that went in to hosting the conference and the delightful events that were planned. I have a lot of opportunities to expand on this year integrating the information I learned.

The guild booths had great imagination and creativity.  Each represented the theme and their community with humor and a variety of techniques to tell their story. The Olympia Weavers Guild won 1st place in Best of Construction ( construction of each of the pieces shown).  Thank you to all who contributed to the booth from design, construction and assembly and distribution.  I have rocks rolling around in the back of the car waiting from their return to their creator.

All the shows (Fashion, Juried and Individual) inspired me with their design to the application of techniques. They really showed the diversity of the fiber arts and their utility in our lives.   The keynote speaker from Maiwa,, express the need to believe in a Slow Textile Movement to support community and preservation of the art and craft of textiles.

The Prince George Fibre Arts Guild has invited us to come to Confluences the 2019 Association of Northwest Weavers’ Guilds Conference June 11 to 16th 2019.  I hope you will plan on going.  2021 Salem has taken the challenge of hosting the conference.

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  1. Thank-you very much, Gail, Tamie, Marise, and Kathy for bringing our weavings home.

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