Textiles and Tea Today with HGA!!

This is in sync with OWG’s speaker at our meeting this past Friday!!!

Maria SigmaApril 25, 2023  |  Maria Sigmagenerously sponsored by Jacksonville Weavers Guild, Inc. in Memory of Barbara Wroten and Sandy StranahanMaria Sigma is an award-winning textile designer and weaver specializing in zero-waste, ethical hand-woven textiles for interiors. She studied at the Chelsea College of Art & Design and, after graduating in 2014, developed her own weaving practice in London. She is the author of Weaving: The Art of Sustainable Textile Creation and teaches a “Weaving from Waste” workshop. Maria has collaborated with interior designers, architects, fashion designers, furniture makers, magazines, and galleries such as Susie Atkinson Interior Design Studio, MAKE Hauser & Wirth Somerset Gallery, and Hole & Corner Magazine. Inspired by her Greek heritage, love for math, and craftsmanship, Maria makes vibrant but minimal, contemporary textiles. She strives to decrease yarn waste and unnecessary cuts, carbon footprints, and the use of machinery, water, and electricity. By adhering to a ‘zero waste’ philosophy, she aspires to make hand-weaving an even more sustainable craft. 
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