I spent the morning at Fido’s Farms, not far from me…a place that trains herding dogs. Hansen School had organized a field trip to see the new lambs, watch herding and agility exhibitions and become herders themselves (of ducks). I demo’d spinning and weaving with a friend. For my efforts, besides lots of smiles, I received “as many fleeces as I want” – and came away with 2 coopworth fleeces. They have LOTS of white fleece, ewe and lamb hogget (first clip, usually considered the finest). It is long medium crimp, not exactly skirted to a spinners specification, but wonderful stuff as best I could quickly determine. Chris Sonderson runs the farm and always has fleece on offer to anyone that wants to use it. Such generosity needs to be taken seriously. I need more fiber like a hole in my head and I have 2? No control.

Google Fido’s Farms to see their website…


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I began weaving and spinning in 1986 in SoCal and it quickly became a lifelong challenge and compulsion. I brought my interests and skills to the NW in 1992 and have been teaching, encouraging and challenging new fiber artists as often as I can. And I am challenged and encouraged every time I am around other weavers/spinners/fiber folk.