About Lana Schneider

I began weaving and spinning in 1986 in SoCal and it quickly became a lifelong challenge and compulsion. I brought my interests and skills to the NW in 1992 and have been teaching, encouraging and challenging new fiber artists as often as I can. And I am challenged and encouraged every time I am around other weavers/spinners/fiber folk.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Olympia Weavers Guild offers a number of supportive scholarship opportunities for short term or long term learning directions. With the upcoming guild workshops scheduled, you may want to consider applying for one of the Educational Grants for up to $300 to be used in specific study situations.

There is also an Enrichment grant of $500 – $1000 intent on supporting an individual members intensive study. The applicant for this grant develops an outline of the work to be pursued which is evaluated by an outside resource member of our fiber arts community. The deadline for submitting this application is April 1st.

The application forms are on this website and help is available to go through the process. Contact Lana Schneider for more information.

SPSCC Exhibit: Fine Art Postcard Exhibition

SPSCC ‘s Fourth Annual exhibition showcases the works of well-known artists and novices alike, all in a postcard size format now through February 20th at the Minneart Art Center on campus 2011 Mottman Road SW. The gallery is open noon – 4pm Mondays thru Fridays (except holidays). There is no cost and the creative inspirations seem abounding.

Check out spscc.edu/gallery for more information.


Great Art Events in our Local Area

We are fortunate to have several reasons to visit Tacoma soon. Not only can you see the eclectic, diverse works of ATA (AmericanTapestryAlliance) galleried at the Tacoma Library but it runs in conjunction with TAPS (Tapestry Artists of the Puget Sound) exhibiting at the Brick House Gallery, just a block away. You will have so much art to appreciate so close together. The shows offer such a contrast of size, design, techniques – it really is great to see it all. Two warnings: The Brick House has limited hours so please check to see if you can coordinate the visits. Count on seeing them before they close August 3rd.

AND if you want to extend your enrichment experience in another direction, go from one Library to another. UPS Library is hosting the 3rd exhibit of Art Books. The work of 30 book artists is on display through July 31st. Wonderful gems and remarkable visions made substantial await you. UPS is right off Union Street, which is not hard to get to from Tacoma Ave, where the Tacoma Library is located.

Book Chair (1)

Book Chair (1)

Enjoy a time of local art hopping….by the end of July, to do it all!

Book Chair 2 - a different perspective

Book Chair 2 – a different perspective

Girls Night Out Event

Information on this local fun event came from one of our visitors at the February meeting, Judy Schoder. Check out the information and mark your calendars: May 17, 2013 for the Girls Night Out, sponsored by the Olympia Downtown Association.

Girls Night Out

Friday, May 17, 2013



Girls Night Out is an all day event enticing hundreds of women shoppers into downtown Olympia!

What makes this event different than any others? It is a fundraiser benefiting a local cause. Past causes have been YWCA – The Other Bank, the Downtown Graffiti Management Program, SafePlace, Thurston County Food Bank and Olympia Artspace Alliance. Plus this annual event climaxes with a fun reception where amazing prizes donated by downtown businesses will be raffled off!

Here’s how it works. Women who want to come to Girls Night Out must purchase a ticket for a goodie bag (supplies limited). Pre-purchase your goodie bag between April 26 and May 16 for $10. On May 17 it will be $15. Pre-purchase locations are: Olympia Downtown Association (116 5th Ave SE, Suite F), Courtyard Antiques (705 4th Ave E) and Vivala (111 Market St NE). You can also pre-purchase your goodie bag by calling (360) 357-8948.

Look for the pink balloons and event posters identifying the many participating businesses. You will be given one raffle ticket for every $10 you spend at the participating businesses. So the more you spend, the more chances you have of winning fabulous raffle prizes! Then at the end of the event come to the reception. The reception is at 8:30 pm at The Washington Center for the Performing Arts, 512 Washington St SE. Doors open at 8 pm. At the reception you will enjoy complimentary appetizers and a no-host bar and mingle with all the ladies. You do not need to be present to win in the raffle.

For more information, contact the ODA office at (360) 357-8948, odaevent@tss.net or visit http://www.facebook.com/girlsnightoutolympia.

Intercity Transit has extended their Dash service to 8 pm on Girls Night Out! Take the Dash from Courtyard Antiques to Vivala and everywhere between! For more information on the Dash and Intercity Transit, visit intercitytransit.com.

2013 Thurston County Fair

Now is the time to start thinking about the upcoming 2013 Thurston County Fair and the projects that you’ll be making for exhibiting. It’s never too early to start. We are working diligently to assure the 2013 Thurston County Fair is a huge success in the Open Class Home Arts Department. Despite what you may have heard or read, the Thurston County Fair is alive and well and needs your support and participation more than ever.

I’m excited about what will be happening during the fair this year. Please put the dates of July 22 through August 5 on your calendar so you’ll be available and ready to participate in the 2013 Thurston County Fair.

Carla Sontag


Open Class Home Arts Department

October workshop openings

Portland Weavers Guild is hosting a 2 day Workshop on Collapse Weave, presented by Anne Field. Anne literally wrote the book on this artistic design structure. Google her to see what she brings to the subject.  To gain personal experience with how such highly textured cloth is achieved, consider joining the workshop, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, October 12 and 13 in the Portland area.

Check out the Portland Weavers Guild website for more specific information. Or contact Carol Simas, workshop chairman nightwalker@thegrid.net for more information.  And let me know if you do sign on: I am going to go. Perhaps we can pool our resources. Lana Schneider

Sarah Swett Tapestry Exhibition in OR

I was just told of a great exhibit not too far from here…a great field trip. Sarah Swett, who does such great tapestries,  has her work on display at the Latimer Textile Museum in Tillamook OR but only until July 1! It’s summer; it is a great trip to the Oregon coastline with a super textile adventure added on, so if you can….take advantage!  Google Tillamook Textile Museum to get the details,

or click here->  http://www.latimerquiltandtextile.com


I spent the morning at Fido’s Farms, not far from me…a place that trains herding dogs. Hansen School had organized a field trip to see the new lambs, watch herding and agility exhibitions and become herders themselves (of ducks). I demo’d spinning and weaving with a friend. For my efforts, besides lots of smiles, I received “as many fleeces as I want” – and came away with 2 coopworth fleeces. They have LOTS of white fleece, ewe and lamb hogget (first clip, usually considered the finest). It is long medium crimp, not exactly skirted to a spinners specification, but wonderful stuff as best I could quickly determine. Chris Sonderson runs the farm and always has fleece on offer to anyone that wants to use it. Such generosity needs to be taken seriously. I need more fiber like a hole in my head and I have 2? No control.

Google Fido’s Farms to see their website…


Nordic Heritage Museum offers Seattle Weavers Guild exhibit

"Transparencies" -- Pamela Done

The Nordic Heritage Museum presents Weaving in the Northwest: an exhibit honoring the weaving heritage of Margaret Bergman in conjunction with weavings of Seattle Weavers Guild members, reflecting their Scandinavian textile heritage.   The SWG exhibit is part of a public presence celebrating the 75th anniversary of the guild’s founding and will be on exhibit until May 6th at the museum.  The Nordic Heritage Museum, located in the colorful Ballard community, is a gem of immigration history, which encompasses a depth of textile work throughout the rich Scandinavian heritage.  For specifics of where/when/ how much, go to   www.nordicmuseum.org     Treat yourself to a great NW experience.


You may not know that as a carpet man, my husband is associated with a premier natural wool carpet company, Hibernia Carpet. Every time they construct a carpet, there are cone ends that are not used which get stored in their warehouse until someone decides to houseclean.  This is happening for the second time in about 5 years and I have more
yarn that I have any excuse to need coming my way. I do have a great project idea developing, but the last time I received a bounty from Hibernia, it took me 2 years to make 5 rugs and still had a stash of yarn I shared. I am just not a production rug weaver, I guess.

If you are interested in being inspired to work with yarns from Wools of New Zealand and Great Britain, go to Hibernia Carpet, check out the product for color samples and see what there is to see. I am not sure what the cost is, other than it is amazingly reasonable. And they are really interested in letting this product get into the hands of people who will make great use of it.

For further information, contact Debbie[at]Hiberniawool.com or see me: Lana Schneider