Creativity Jumpstarts in 2020-21

Creativity Jumpstart projects were begun in the 2020-21 guild year to help members continue to learn, be inspired and be involved in the Guild during the time of social distancing due to the pandemic. Simple kits were designed to jumpstart members’ creative spirit with small, fiber-based projects. Results of the projects have been shared during Showcase and now here. Just another way to enjoy the creativity of your fellow members!

Participants in the first Jumpstart explored the interaction of colors in a woven structure by wrapping, then weaving on ceramic tiles to create two magnets.

These are made by securing a “warp” yarn to the back of a small ceramic tile, then winding it around the tile to “warp” it. A weft yarn is then secured to the back of the tile and woven across the warp to create a very small woven piece on top of the tile. The last step was to secure a magnet to the back of the tile. As you can see, participants were very creative!