Nordic Heritage Museum offers Seattle Weavers Guild exhibit

"Transparencies" -- Pamela Done

The Nordic Heritage Museum presents Weaving in the Northwest: an exhibit honoring the weaving heritage of Margaret Bergman in conjunction with weavings of Seattle Weavers Guild members, reflecting their Scandinavian textile heritage.   The SWG exhibit is part of a public presence celebrating the 75th anniversary of the guild’s founding and will be on exhibit until May 6th at the museum.  The Nordic Heritage Museum, located in the colorful Ballard community, is a gem of immigration history, which encompasses a depth of textile work throughout the rich Scandinavian heritage.  For specifics of where/when/ how much, go to     Treat yourself to a great NW experience.

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I began weaving and spinning in 1986 in SoCal and it quickly became a lifelong challenge and compulsion. I brought my interests and skills to the NW in 1992 and have been teaching, encouraging and challenging new fiber artists as often as I can. And I am challenged and encouraged every time I am around other weavers/spinners/fiber folk.

2 thoughts on “Nordic Heritage Museum offers Seattle Weavers Guild exhibit

  1. That photos is excellent. Those transparencies are lovely in person.
    I really enjoyed the number of tablet woven bands on display, the Yggdrasil inspired tablet woven piece on the wall was my favorite. It really is a great display, and it was nice to see some of the Bergman collection displayed in the same space. The exhibition includes ceramic pieces too, so there is a lot to see at this exhibit.

  2. We went to see this exhibit today. Fantastic weaving, highly recommended. It was nice to see the different textile styles in the cultural exhibits, too. Do take time to see the rest of the museum, especially the bobbin lace displays.

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