Madrona Fiber Arts, February 11-14

“Madrona Fiber Arts was started by fiber enthusiasts who wanted to bring great teachers to the Pacific Northwest. We love the camaraderie, creative energy, and the sharing that is generated among students and teachers by combining incomparable teaching, small classes and informal settings.”

Retreat, Classes, Clinics, Demonstrations and more
The Yarn & Fiber Marketplace is Free and Open to the Public

Thursday, February 11th 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Friday, February 12th 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday, February 13th 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday, February 14th 8:30 am – 2:00 pm

PLACE: IN THE PAVILION AT THE HOTEL MURANO at 1320 Broadway Plaza, Tacoma, Washington. From the hotel lobby take the stairs or elevator to the 4th floor and go out the large double doors, across a small courtyard, and into the Pavilion. Follow the signs!

Tips of interest from January

Power Scour was recommended for cleaning fleece. Look for it at some of our advertisers like and a little tea tree oil cuts grease.
For a review of cleaning fiber products see

Adding Sizing to single ply use Xanthin gum For detailed instructions See page 109 of “The Spinner’s Book of Yarn Design”, by Sarah Anderson our presenter, available in the OWG Library and the Timberland Library.

Looking forward to hearing more TIPs from the workshops Sarah Anderson taught.

Thanks go to Marjorie sending out the great pointers for putting writing in your weaving.

Other requests came in and are in research.

Banding Together Study Group

Date & Time: Feb. 25th at 11:30

Location: 3244 Long Lake DR SE, Olympia
Bring any banding projects you are working on or books/patterns to share in Kumihimo, Inkle, Bow, card etc..
Two new techniques to think about doing are a diagonal pattern for Makiko Tada’s ribbon scarf and also ply-splitting.

Felting Study Group

Date & Time: Feb 26th at 9:00 am
Location: 6022 Northill Loop SW, Olympia

Deb Naslund is hosting our first felting study group meeting. Please give her an RSVP and let her know if you are coming

We are going to get started with simple needle felting either for a greeting card or small ornament. And we will plan the next study group felting technique and location for Spring.

Raging Carey shared with us some of her lovely dyed wool for us to use. I have foam and some forms to experiment for shapes.

Bring a lunch and if you have them:
– bandaids
– dyed wool, alpaca fiber/yarn you have
– pre-felted wool or other to attach your needle felt items
– felting needles
– 3 inch or thicker foam (not styrofoam)
– felting books or pictures for inspiration on design or color

We will all share what we have to get you an idea of what kinds of kits or tools you might like.

Check out 5 of the OWG sponsors that have felting needles/kits

Darma Trading has felting needles and a wool scarf that could be used to put your needle felt object on. See their technique:

Flora Carlile-Kovas will be our OWG program speaker in April. If you get a chance go to RAGS Wearable Art fund raiser and see her work.
Where: Larson Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma, 1701 Alexander Ave. East, Fife
RAGS Gala: Thursday, March 10, 6-9 pm, For tickets See
Free to public:
Friday-Saturday, March 11th-12th, 10 am to 6 pm
Sunday, March 13th, 10 am to 4 pm

3 more felt artists for inspiration: