Workshop with Bonnie Tarses

The Guild holds two or three workshops each year, with well-known instructors, both local and national/international, with the size set by the instructor and registration open to guild members and, if open spots remain, members of other nearby guilds.  Bonnie Tarses, currently of Missoula, Montana, brings almost 60 years of weaving experience and a unique color sense to our guild, for an interesting, fun, and informative workshop.

Bonnie’s Workshop
Workshops are not just about weaving together, but full of tips and techniques to get the most out of the type of weaving that is the focus.

Bonnie’s workshop is about using color to create a unique work, using the color wheel and coding by color to make a statement.

One of the bonus techniques taught was how to wind threads on an armature or create a warp or weft with words coded in.

Each attendee dressed their loom with a unique warp color draft designed by Bonnie, woven in plain, twill, or other block design as desired, with a solid weft or additional coding. Here are some of the results, on the loom.

A pattern Bonnie shared with the attendees:

Bonnie’s full blog article, with photos of the completed hupil is here

A profile and video interview with Bonnie can be found at