Saori Workshop in Tacoma, November 14-15, 2015

Tacoma Weavers Guild will be presenting a workshop by Terry Bibby, a SAORI freestyle weaver from Salt Spring Island on November 14-15 starting at 9:30 a.m.  It will be at Fibers Etc. in Tacoma.
Each person would work on their own loom exploring different SAORI techniques and styles.
[The] attached [file, SAORI Workshop Proposal 2015,] is the information about the workshop…  If anyone is interested, contact me at  There are 12 spots in the class.
Thanks for your help.
Barbara Bitetto, TWG

Dying with Oak Galls

Gail Trotter is hosting a time to do dying with Oak Galls. If you are interested please vote for your preferences on time at

For a description of dying see:

Bring a container you can take home with your dye and fibers soaking.
Bring what you want to dye – natural fibers / fabric. If you would like to do Shibori you can prepare the fabric to take the dye at home or at Gail’s

We will mix up the solution and start the dying and the following days you can switch to the iron mixture.

Email if you have questions –

Gail will follow up with more information on based on the doodle list so please vote.

Tip Jar Raddle – Tips from members

About Paper Yarn – Bill Green used Habu Item A-60,, color 116, 100% linen, 476 yds, 4 mm. Wide. He used about 1/2 the hank for one scarf. Hank cost $22.50 at Fibers Etc. in Tacoma. … from Cara Leslie

Appreciated tip from Ardith Hamilton about noticing that the loom is out of balance when the beater at rest does not lay evenly on the castle. For other maintenance problems see: It has good tips on dealing with rust that are useful in our damp climate.
Ardith also shared about using fishing line for salvages then removing when weaving complete.

If you are comparing looms, their styles and best use – Erica Plotkin suggests:
I think if one were weaving rugs, one would want a very sturdy and heavy duty loom to beat the rugs firmly with.  If one wanted to weave complex patterns and mutli-shaft drafts (patterns), one would probably want to look at a computer linked loom, with only two treadles. Then there is size to consider – how wide do you want and do you want it to be portable. Some floor looms can fold up and travel, otherwise there are table looms.
Judy Parkins likes HGA tips on buying a first loom

Thanks for sharing your useful tips or inquires in the Tip Jar.