Ten articles

I have conducted some very interesting research into various aspects of weaving and textiles and fibers and all the attendant concepts that come along for the ride. I have become quite taken with the journal Textile: The Journal of Cloth and Culture. It offers strongly researched articles, from across the fiber spectrum, written with depth, making connections to many of the concerns of contemporary life. I have saved all the articles I have read and have gone back to reconsider more than once. As a student at Evergreen, I am able to access it easily as a digital archive. But it is rather obscure otherwise.

I just discovered that Textile is celebrating its 10th anniversary and are offering ten of their articles free to all to read, without need for subscription, so I can share that with you all.

The link to the articles: http://www.bergpublishers.com/Portals/0/journals/2012_10articles_TEXTILE_website.pdf

They selected one article from each year of publication and include the following topics:

Webs of Wrath: Terrible Textiles from the War of Troy, by Lois Martin
Wearing Propaganda: Textiles on the Home Front in Japan, Great Britain, and America during the Greater East Asian War, 1931-45, by Jacqueline M. Atkins
Collecting the Contemporary: “Love Will Decide What is Kept and Science Will
Decide How it is Kept”, by Sue Prichard
Hiding the (Fabric) Stash: Collecting, Hoarding, and Hiding Strategies of Contemporary US Quilters, by Marybeth C. Stalp
Needled Women: Representations of Male Conduct in Mapula Embroideries, by Brenda Schmahmann
Pecha Cucha: Lace, by Catherine Harper
The Interpretation of Surface: Boundaries, Systems and Their Transgression in Clothing and Domestic Textiles, c.1880-1939, by Victoria Kelly
Women, Cloth, Fluff and Dust in Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, by Elodie Neuville
Touching the Hem: The Thread between Garment and Blood in the Story of the Woman with the Haemorrhage, by Barbara Baert
White, the Color of Whispers: Concealing and Revealing Cloth, by Kathleen Connellan

I hope you all enjoy the articles as much as I have.

ANWG Conference Instructors!

The list of the Instructors for the 2013 ANWG Conference is out and it is a great line up!

Here is the list directly from the website.

The following instructors will teach seminars and workshops at our 2013 conference. Click on the instructor’s name to jump to that instructor’s bio.


John Beard
Kay Faulkner
Laura Fry
Bonnie Inouye
Bobbie Irwin
Daryl Lancaster
John Marshall
Anita Luvera Mayer
Marilyn Moore
Rosalie Neilson
Terry Olson
Seiko A. Purdue
Marilyn Romatka
Pat Spark
Makiko Tada
Jannie Taylor
Madelyn van der Hoogt
Diane W. Villano
Laverne Waddington
Liz Walker
Heather Winslow
Rebecca Winter
Michele Wipplinger
Bhakti Ziek