2 SPACES AVAILABLE: Master Weaver Program, Level 1

Olds College is now offering the Level 1 course of the Master Weaver Program as an Off Campus course, in Tenino, Washington (about 15 miles south off Olympia). Olds College, based near Calgary, Alberta, is one of the few colleges in North America offering textile classes: master weaving classes and master spinning classes among them.

The course is 5 days of face to face workshops and 125-175 hours of independent study on homework assignments. Completion of this year long study allows one to progress to Levels 2, and subsequently, Levels 3 and 4.

Dates are 4/30/2018 – 5/4/2018.
Tuition for Level 1 Off campus is $850 Canadian, approximately $690 US.
For more details, see https://www.oldscollege.ca/programs/continuing-education/fibre-arts/master-weaver-certificate/index.html

REGISTER at https://oldscollegece.augusoft.net/
CONTACT Carrie Seachord of the Olympia Weavers Guild for more information.