Knitting on the Loom — Hemstitch

The Olympia Weavers Guild starts off 2014 with a presentation by our own Lana Schneider on a hemstitching technique she calls “knitting on the loom.”  The program will be hands-on, with a number of samples you can practice on.  Please download the handout materials below.  We suggest you print out the “Lecture” and Handouts” pages (six pages total) for reference during the presentation.  The slideshow (20 pages) is provided for your reference at home on your computer, and contains larger versions of the photos in the handout.  A few copies of the handout and notes will be available at the presentation, for those who do not have Internet access, so please print out and bring your own if you want to participate in the hands-on exercise.

Handout (5-page PDF)

PDF version of PowerPoint presentation (20 pages)

Lecture Notes (1-page PDF)

Video presentation on YouTube

Showcase March 2013


This gallery contains 24 photos.

A gallery of images from the members showcase: basketry, dyeing, weaving, knitted bag, woven shibori purses, “found” hand-woven objects from thrift stores, and other finds, such as a napkin from the Nobel presentation with Alfred’s image woven in…

A Transfer of Ancient Knowledge

Weaving workshops being offered by our February speakers

R.S.V.P required
By popular request, we are convening 3 basket weaving classes all held on the same day, April 13th All are Alaska Native style weaving technologies, and once you learn this, you can weave many styles. FUN!

What type of weaving, who should attend?

1. Beginning Cedar Bark – Anyone interested in cedar bark from prepping the wild bark to making a basket.Cedar bark weaving is common to NW Coastal tribes from Northern California to the Arctic Circle in Alaska

2. Beginning Aleut – Anyone interested in an exotic and precise weaving technology. Some old Aleut weavings have over 500 stitches per square inch. This weaving style is an excellent foundation for many other weaving traditions. We learn to weave with imported waxed Irish linen, a contemporary material.

3. Advanced Aleut – For Hummingbird Stands Weavers, and others, who have already completed our previous Aleut Weaving class. We have held Aleut weaving classes since 2009. This year’s advanced class will use wild, cured beach grass in the Aleut tradition.

When and Where?

All classes are held at the same time, April 13, 2013, noon to 4 PM at the Hummingbird Stands Lodge

Who Who are the Teachers?

Cedar Bark Weaving – Paulette Frisina Beginning Aleut Weaving – Leah Weatherford Advanced Aleut Weaving – Louie Thadei

Cost of the Classes?

As usual, it’s by donation. You will be asked to purchase weaving materials at the class which is $20.00 for the most basic materials.

What Next?

Decide which class you want to take. You can take only one, this time. If you are a beginner, take Class 1 or 2. If you already know Aleut Weaving, take Class 3.

DEADLINE to Register.

By April 1st (at the very latest, contact Jan by e-mail or telephone *82 1 360 894-1874 or responding to this notice by e-mail Let her know which class you will attend (1, 2 or 3) and she will reserve a spot for you. After you are registered, she will send you a more detailed Information Sheet for your class. The Information Sheet will help you bring tools or materials you need to bring, or may want to acquire. The Information Sheet will also tell you about follow up sessions to deepen your weaving skill.The Information Sheet will also list on-line and brick/mortar stores for tools, materials you need.

Twists and Turns and Stitches: Explorations in Coiling

July 28, 2012 10AM – 4PM
Sweetwater Creek Farm Studio
Whidbey Island, WA
(Studio is located 10 minutes from the Clinton Ferry)
Instructor: Marilyn Moore
All weaving levels: The variations used in coiling are endless. This workshop explores many of them including wrapping and turning the coil to produce interesting shaping effects. In this class students will also learn three coiling stitches, the figure 8 stitch, the lazy stitch and mariposa stitch. Using at least three colors of waxed linen, and polished hemp for the core, the beauty and secrets of coiled shaping are delved into. The cost is $85. plus a $55. materials fee. To register for this workshop, please  email us at:
(contributed by Heather Pope)


You may not know that as a carpet man, my husband is associated with a premier natural wool carpet company, Hibernia Carpet. Every time they construct a carpet, there are cone ends that are not used which get stored in their warehouse until someone decides to houseclean.  This is happening for the second time in about 5 years and I have more
yarn that I have any excuse to need coming my way. I do have a great project idea developing, but the last time I received a bounty from Hibernia, it took me 2 years to make 5 rugs and still had a stash of yarn I shared. I am just not a production rug weaver, I guess.

If you are interested in being inspired to work with yarns from Wools of New Zealand and Great Britain, go to Hibernia Carpet, check out the product for color samples and see what there is to see. I am not sure what the cost is, other than it is amazingly reasonable. And they are really interested in letting this product get into the hands of people who will make great use of it.

For further information, contact Debbie[at] or see me: Lana Schneider