Legends III


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The third edition of Olympia Weavers Guild Legends–members in long-standing who have accumulated an impressive portfolio of work.  Featured this year were Joyce Lloyd, Regine Carey, and Betty Marcelynas.

Library Displays through November

Olympia Weavers Guild display at the Timberland Regional Library, downtown Olympia branch, during November 2014.

Olympia Weavers Guild display at the Timberland Regional Library, downtown Olympia branch, during November 2014.

If you haven’t had a chance to see the displays at the libraries, please pop in. The display group did a lovely job!
There is a display at both the Olympia Downtown branch and the Tumwater branch of the Timberland Regional Library. The displays will be up through the end of November. After that, some of the items will be available at the Guild’s annual Show & Sale in December.

4-shaft Fiber Designer Loom + Accessories, Yarn Stash

… a grand offer from my first student, who simply must tend to her twins and her business rather than to the space and time weaving requires. This represents a complete weaving studio in one package at a great price – a new weaver’s dream.  Lana Schneider

4 Harness Fiber Designer Loom w bench, excessories and yarn inventory – $950 (Olympia)

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77th Ave NE at Libby
condition: excellent size / dimensions: 4 1/2 ‘ H X 5 ‘D approx.

This gorgeous “Fiber Designer” loom made in Albuquerque, NM was handed down to me by my grandmother. I have had a lovely journey with it, but feel that it should be getting more use than I am currently able give it, (being the mother now of 4 year old twins : )

This jack loom is in excellent condition. It has a 48″ weaving width. It comes with 4 harnesses and 4 treadles and has room for 8. It works well for weaving rugs and mid-heavy weight fabrics from small to large scale. The loom is currently disassembled.

The loom come with an adjustable wooden bench and a large array of tools and yarn (see attached pictures):

– Yarn inventory includes a large quantity of wool in a full range of colors, ample warp thread and some specialty yarns, un-spun wool and fleece.

Tools include:
– 1 Warping board
– 1 Umbrella Swift
– 2 Lease Rods
– 1 Hand bobbin winder
– 12 and 15 Dent Reeds
– An array of shuttles, forks, battens, spools
(See attached images for full inventory)

-A warp board (not depicted) is also included

Everything is here to get a beginning weaver completely set up, or to beautifully augment the repertoire of an experienced weaver. This loom is a joy to work with!! I am asking $950 for the whole package.

Our home is in Olympia, but my husband also travels frequently to Seattle and the Olympic Penninsula for work, and could potentially meet in those areas.

*Please note that table loom is not available : )
Feel free to contact Rain Delvin with inquiries : (360)480-4462

Panorama Weaving Studio Sale Items


Contact Kathy Forsythe: katforsythe@comcast.net or 360-438-5979

Prices are ballpark figures, make an offer

panorama14-harness Leclerc Dorothy 15 ¾ inch weaving width. Good condition $100 (retails for $750) Includes reed, shuttles, stand, lease sticks


11 yd. Warping board 37 ½” by 23 ½” $20


4 harness Structo sample loom 8” weaving width $25



Reeds $10 apiece

36” 8, 10 and 12 dent

40” 5 and 10 dent

42” 15 dent

45” 10, 12, and 14 dent

48” 8 dent


Many heddles, best offer

Flat steel heddles 9 ½” and 10 ½”

Wire heddles 9”

Handmade temple, best offer


All kinds of shuttles – Stick, rug, ski, boat – make an offer

Swift $20 (there are 2 of them)

Niddy Noddy $5



Rigby cloth stripping machine Model B cuts strips in widths from ½” to 1 7/8” $20



Second back beam 28 ¼” wide – free