June is coming and so also our annual picnic. Oh Boy!! The theme this year is “Terrific Table Settings”. My efforts will compliment two coffee mugs I received, as a birthday gift, from a dear friend, Vera Freeman. She passed away five years ago, from complications due to breast cancer. These will be in her honor and in memory of the many hours we spent sharing life, over a cup of coffee.

What are your plans; could it be a napkin set to match Great Grandpa Pete’s china; or a small table runner to showcase that one of a kind piece of pottery, you received for Mother’s Day; or maybe (if you are a speedier weaver than me), a tablecloth to compliment your favorite vase, full of spring flowers? There is still time and the possibilities are endless.

So…, that leads me to next year’s picnic theme. We need your help coming up with some ideas. What is your inspiration? What would be a motivation to you? All ideas are welcome. Please share. Respond here or send them to me at belfryc@gmail.com
Thanks. Cathy

New Weavers Classes

The class for new weavers in September is full. We are now looking at February 2016 for the next class.

Students learn how to warp a loom and weave off one or two projects, learning ancillary information along the way.

yarn & shuttle

Classes are limited to 3 minimum and 4 maximum and once you have committed to the class, the fee of $125.00 is non refundable.

Students must be a member of the guild to enroll. Once a member, looms are available for rental during the course from the guild. Costs include the $125.00 for the 3 1/2 day course, spread over 3 weeks. Loom rental is approximately $25.00. The only other expense is the purchase of materials for weaving, which doesn’t cost much.