I spent the morning at Fido’s Farms, not far from me…a place that trains herding dogs. Hansen School had organized a field trip to see the new lambs, watch herding and agility exhibitions and become herders themselves (of ducks). I demo’d spinning and weaving with a friend. For my efforts, besides lots of smiles, I received “as many fleeces as I want” – and came away with 2 coopworth fleeces. They have LOTS of white fleece, ewe and lamb hogget (first clip, usually considered the finest). It is long medium crimp, not exactly skirted to a spinners specification, but wonderful stuff as best I could quickly determine. Chris Sonderson runs the farm and always has fleece on offer to anyone that wants to use it. Such generosity needs to be taken seriously. I need more fiber like a hole in my head and I have 2? No control.

Google Fido’s Farms to see their website…


Important announcement regarding Annual Dues

Dues may be paid at the May meeting or the June Picnic.

Dues are deliquent after June 30th. Your name and information will not be in the Year Book. (no phone calls to remind you)

Each person paying dues needs to fill out COMPLETELY the Application Form.

At the last meeting, the weavers voted to continue listing equipment and areas of expertise. In order to update our Year Book, we need you to complete the form (not “same as last year”) Only that information will be used to update.

Thank you for paying your dues on time.

Membership Chairman

Nordic Heritage Museum offers Seattle Weavers Guild exhibit

"Transparencies" -- Pamela Done

The Nordic Heritage Museum presents Weaving in the Northwest: an exhibit honoring the weaving heritage of Margaret Bergman in conjunction with weavings of Seattle Weavers Guild members, reflecting their Scandinavian textile heritage.   The SWG exhibit is part of a public presence celebrating the 75th anniversary of the guild’s founding and will be on exhibit until May 6th at the museum.  The Nordic Heritage Museum, located in the colorful Ballard community, is a gem of immigration history, which encompasses a depth of textile work throughout the rich Scandinavian heritage.  For specifics of where/when/ how much, go to   www.nordicmuseum.org     Treat yourself to a great NW experience.