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Trace Extractions

Native American Art Exhibition: A Weaver’s Choice – Coast Salish Wool Weavings Curated by Selena Kearney

November 7 – December 9, 2022

Opening reception: Friday, November 11th 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Artist and Curator Selena Kearney, in collaboration with the Paim?rire Studio on the Native Art Campus of The Evergreen State College, presents Coast Salish wool weavers and their processes. Ceremonial Coast Salish weavings offer protection for the wearer and exist in both the spirit and human worlds. Weavers bring thoughts of care and devotion to the loom as they produce their works. This exhibition of Coast Salish weavings highlights the stories and kinship embedded in the art form focused on strengthening bonds and helping others.

Textiles and Tea

The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. (HGA) is excited to announce our new program, Textiles & Tea. Each week HGA will host a conversation with some of the most respected fiber artists in the field today. In our 45-minute discussion we will focus on their artwork and their creative journey. We will allow 15 minutes at the end of our conversation for questions from the audience. Textiles & Tea will take place every Tuesday at 4:00 PM (EST) beginning in January 2021 and will be broadcast via Zoom. These broadcasts will be free to view and open to all.

On January 5th, Mary Zicafoose will be their featured artist. You must register to attend. Please visit their website to see the many exciting artists they have scheduled and to see the many programs they have to offer.

May Program with Jannie Taylor

Program: Drafting & Designing Using Weaving Software: With an Emphasis on Blocks

~ Jannie Taylor will demonstrate how to take your weaving to the next level with on screen demonstrations of some of the many time saving and helpful features, available to all weavers, using weaving software. Leave the graph paper and pencils behind and you might find that you actually ENJOY creating and weaving your own drafts.

April Program

Program: Felting Wearable Art: Blocking a Felt Hat

Flora Carlilie-Kovacs, felt designer and instructor, lives and works in West Seattle. She feels felt-making is the most versatile craft she knows. Her website at http://www.floranemez.eu/ shows off her wearable art, in the form of clothing, scarves and hats. Please have a look to see the beautiful pieces she has produced. Each season, her studio is part of the West Seattle Art Walk and she has shown her work around the world. Flora loves to share the tricks of the trade and will be doing so this month as she demonstrates how to block a felt hat.


June is coming and so also our annual picnic. Oh Boy!! The theme this year is “Terrific Table Settings”. My efforts will compliment two coffee mugs I received, as a birthday gift, from a dear friend, Vera Freeman. She passed away five years ago, from complications due to breast cancer. These will be in her honor and in memory of the many hours we spent sharing life, over a cup of coffee.

What are your plans; could it be a napkin set to match Great Grandpa Pete’s china; or a small table runner to showcase that one of a kind piece of pottery, you received for Mother’s Day; or maybe (if you are a speedier weaver than me), a tablecloth to compliment your favorite vase, full of spring flowers? There is still time and the possibilities are endless.

So…, that leads me to next year’s picnic theme. We need your help coming up with some ideas. What is your inspiration? What would be a motivation to you? All ideas are welcome. Please share. Respond here or send them to me at belfryc@gmail.com
Thanks. Cathy