2021-22 CAMEL Adventure #1

CAMEL ready for weaving!

The Creative Approach Mobile Educational Loom (referred to as the CAMEL), provides an opportunity to explore weaving techniques or structures on a pre-warped loom. The loom is passed from house to house of each participant.  A table loom is used, making it portable and providing boundless freedom to “lift” shafts individually, allowing the weaver to change patterns (otherwise known as tie-ups and weft picks) on a whim.  This year the focus will be on 8 shaft weaving. 

CAMEL Adventure #1

The purpose of this first project for the year was to see the almost endless weaving possibilities of a simple Straight 8 threading. This means threading each shaft sequentially (1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8) repeatedly. It’s the easiest 8-shaft threading and a terrific place to start.  The participants were then able to try numerous twill patterns, along with canvas and other weave structures that adapt to a Straight 8 threading. 

Samples from Adventure #1

Adventure #2 will feature False Satin, and promises to be just as interesting and fun as the first adventure! 

First OWG knit along!

Ten members joined in the first OWG knit along, choosing from two shawl patterns to knit along together.  The patterns were both “stash busters”, so knitters could use yarns they already had.  Yarns used varied immensely, from all mohair, to cotton, to merino, to sock yarn and in weights from fingering to worsted – sometimes all in the same shawl!

The group met via Zoom over three weeks in March.  Terrific, clear demonstrations of unfamiliar pattern stitches were given by the group’s leader. It was inspiring to see the yarn choices and progress of each knitter as the weeks went by.  Some members really “went rogue” on the patterns!

The shawl Patterns, “All Colors Work” and “Rogue Wave”, are both free on Ravelry online.